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19 August 2013

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A statement regarding Denison preferences

My how-to-vote card this election is an “open ticket”. In other words I’m asking voters to give me their number 1 vote and to remember to number the rest of the boxes in the order of their preference.

My decision to run an open ticket reflects my numerous statements that I would not engage in preference negotiations or do preference deals with any political party. I have also said that I will not enter into an agreement to support any political party after the election.

I am 100% Independent and unaligned.

One of the reasons why I’m running an open ticket is because I don’t believe in telling voters what to do. In fact I encourage voters not to pay too much attention to political party how-to-vote cards. There’s no harm in simply ignoring them and voting according to your own personal preference.

By contrast the political parties’ how-to-vote cards are part of the complex preference deals they strike with each other to try and further their political self-interest. These preference deals often run counter to the public interest and run the real risk of throwing up some strange results.

I note that the Liberal Party has chosen to place me above Labor and the Greens on their how-to-vote card. Obviously I’m asking all Denison electors to give me their number 1 vote. But I’m also grateful to any political party supporters who choose to give me their second or third preference.

The Liberal Party decision is entirely their own work and does not indicate any allegiance on my part to that party. In fact at the 2010 election the Liberal Party also directed preferences to me but after that election I supported the Labor Party to form government.

I would also note that the Labor Party is yet to rule out preferencing the Liberal Party ahead of me.

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August 19 2013