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31 July 2014

Author: Andrew Wilkie THE WILKIE REPORT

The Wilkie Report

Andrew is excited to launch The Wilkie Report, his new monthly newsreel to let you know what’s on his mind. This month the focus is the Abbott Government’s miserable budget which unfairly targets the vulnerable and disadvantaged.

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20 August 2014

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Too much doubt surrounding Sue Neill-Fraser trial

The Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, again called for a review of the Sue Neill-Fraser trial at the ‘Too Much Doubt’ rally.

“I’ve been following this matter for some time and remain concerned that Ms Neill Fraser was convicted in the absence of a body, weapon and motive,” Mr Wilkie said. “There is also ongoing concern about unanswered questions that arose during the case.

“I have made no comment on Ms Neill-Fraser’s guilt or innocence and do not presume to know the truth of this matter. However it is clear that any conviction built on circumstantial evidence must be beyond reasonable doubt and in this case there are simply too many doubts remaining.

“The list of people concerned about the trial is growing and includes eminent lawyer and researcher Dr Bob Moles who specialises in miscarriages of justice.

“The previous Tasmanian Government refused to examine the matter and the current Government continues to refuse to revisit it. This is despite the growing number of leading legal and civil liberties figures voicing their concern. The lack of political will to instigate a review that looks afresh at the trial proceedings is another failure of government leadership.

“Tasmania’s politicians have turned to jelly on this one. Almost no-one is prepared to act like a leader and to take on the establishment. Instead they prefer to hide behind the good names of the judiciary, legal profession, police force and media. That sort of self-interest just makes politicians part of the problem.

“For some, this is about guilt and innocence. For me, this is just as much about being able to have confidence in our justice system. Tasmanians deserve to feel served by fair and effective court processes and the doubt around this case blemishes an otherwise fine system.

“The lingering doubts about management of Ms Neill-Fraser’s trial undermine Tasmanians’ confidence in that system and this needs to be addressed by the Government.”

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14 August 2014

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The truth about CSIRO job cuts

The Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, outlined the truth about Tasmanian CSIRO job cuts, including how responsibility is shared by the Liberal and Labor parties, and even the Greens.

“The story in today’s Mercury detailing how CSIRO job cuts nationally are disproportionately affecting Tasmania is accurate and alarming. But for Labor Senator Lisa Singh to suggest this is entirely the Abbott Government’s fault is misleading and rank hypocrisy in the extreme,” Mr Wilkie said.

“Yes, CSIRO numbers are set to reduce from 260 to an estimated 201 by the end of this financial year. But the reduction of 59 positions is in addition to a net reduction of 139 positions since mid-2012, virtually all of which were the work of the previous Federal Labor Government. In other words the majority of local CSIRO job cuts over the three-year downsizing are Labor’s dirty work.

“Moreover this latest round of cuts, flowing from the Abbott Government cutting more than $110m from CSIRO’s budget, was contained in the Appropriation Bills supported by Labor and the Greens in both the House of Representatives and the Senate just three months ago. In fact only Clive Palmer joined me in voting against those Bills in June and no one of any party voted against them in the Senate.

“The bottom line is that the Liberal, Labor and Greens parties are all just as bad as each other when it comes to failing to defend Hobart as a science and research centre of excellence, and the CSIRO organisation specifically. Frankly I’m sick and tired of the political parties sledging off each other instead of taking responsibility for their own actions.

“For my part I will continue to do what I can to defend the scientists and CSIRO, am proud that I voted against the Appropriation Bills and am lobbying the CSIRO board to back off their concerted campaign against Hobart and Tasmania.”

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