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Andrew was behind unprecedented poker machine reform in the Federal Parliament.

After the 2010 federal election he made poker machine reform a key plank in his negotiations with Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard. Andrew’s preferred policy of $1 bet limits was rejected by both Labor and the Coalition; and instead he negotiated a deal for mandatory pre-commitment on all poker machines, one of the key recommendations in the Productivity Commission’s 2010 landmark report into gambling in Australia.

In January 2012 the Prime Minister reneged on her deal with Andrew for mandatory pre-commitment. As a result Andrew tore up his agreement to support the Labor Government and has remained unaligned ever since.

After backing out of its deal with Andrew the Government instead opted to introduce watered down poker machine reforms to Parliament in the National Gambling Reform Bill 2012. Andrew gave his reluctant support to the package after he secured the crucial amendment that all poker machines must be made mandatory pre-commitment capable. Crucially too, the watered down reforms create the important precedent of federal intervention in poker machine regulation.

Andrew continues to be a strong advocate for more poker machine reform.

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